Martial Arts Chi Power – A Physics Beyond Physics

When it comes to Martial Arts Chi Power, there is an entirely different set of physics.Physics is the simple act of measuring the universe. How dense is something, how fast is something, how strong is something, and so on.Normal physics usually hinges on a couple of set in stone rules. For instance, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Gravity. These kinds of physics are called Newtonian physics after Isaac Newton.Newtonian physics hold true for the universe, but they are relative when considered in light of where in the universe you are. If you measure a pound on earth, and a pound on Mars, there is going to be different mass, or size, or whatever, to that pound.In the oriental fighting disciplines you can change physics, and make them relative without leaving the planet. This ability to alter physics is the ‘second set of physics,’ the physics is beyond physics,’ of the martial arts. It should be pointed out here that this second set of physics can be noted in practices other than the martial arts. However, the martial arts tend to ‘grow’ them consistently. It does take time, however, and there are practices which can develop one’s ability in this enhanced physics outside of the martial arts.The physics of the martial arts are inherent in the concept of chi power, or ki energy, or some such similar term.For the first set of physics one need merely drop a rock, and measure the velocity, the degree of bounce, etc.For the fighting methods, and this is measurable in karate, kung fu, kenpo, or any martial arts system that has stances, one need merely stand with the feet spread apart and have somebody push on the shoulder.At first, the person being pushed will be uprooted. But, by the simple expedient of sinking the weight, settling the energy of the body downwards, the stance becomes immoveable, and the person can no longer be moved.There is no physical change in the stance. One does not lower the body physically or in any measurable fashion. This feat is done with the mind, by a mere change of mental intention within the person.There are two things that should be noted as a result of this phenomena.One: such energy is incredibly useful, for when channeled into blocks, strikes, kicks or what have you, the energy necessary for the technique becomes less and less, and the effectiveness of the technique becomes more and more.Two: if a phenomena cannot be measured by measuring the physical universe, then it is likely the second set of physics that you are dealing with here.A third thing to be noted, perhaps even more significant, is that this second set of physics, this martial arts chi power, is developed most easily and with the most factual accuracy through the practice of arts such as karate, tai chi chuan, kung fu, and so on. Simply, martial arts with stances treat the body as a motor, turn on the energy, teach one to use it, and tend to make the separation from Newtonian measurements to ‘otherworld’ and more ethereal measurements much more obvious.

Student Health Insurance is Meant to Be Affordable

Student health insurance is meant to be affordable. Health insurance coverage is vitally important while a student is in college!Insurance health coverage is mandatory for all eligible college students . During the time you are registered at the University, you are required to enroll in the U-SHIP Basic or Prescription Advantage coverage , or waive enrollment by providing evidence that you have health insurance coverage that is comparable.Student health insurance is billed annually at the beginning of the academic year and appears on your first statement for tuition and fees.   Student Health Services is an ambulatory clinic only, and does not provide major hospitalization or treatment outside of the clinic. Student health insurance coverage is only one of the options available to provide for your medical needs and protect you in the case of an emergency until you graduate. In addition to the student health coverage plan offered by your school, you may be able to remain on your parents’ group health plan. Students enrolling (or already enrolled) must request the graduation extension which will expire one year from the student?s graduation date. Please keep in mind that there can be no break in coverage from the original plan and the extension. Students wishing to be enrolled by the College in the Student Insurance Plan should verify the charge on your student account.Students who provide proof of continuous enrollment in an alternative U.S.-based health insurance plan with comparable benefits are able to waive out of the SHIP coverage each semester. Students enrolled in SHIP are eligible to purchase coverage for their spouse and/or for any dependent children under the age of 19 who reside with the student.Students with limited out of area coverage or otherwise inadequate coverage are urged to carefully review their options before waiving the SHC sponsored insurance plan. Deadlines to waive the insurance are prior to the first 14 days of the semester. Students will still be free to choose alternative insurance so long as their plan’s coverage meets or exceeds the minimum requirements listed at the bottom of this page. In order to use alternate insurance, students must complete and submit the Student Health Insurance Waiver form no later than the 20th day of classes each semester.Health coverage for students is generally considered to have the advantages of a large group plan without the usual high cost large group insurance requires. Student health insurance is a way to ensure you can get medical care when you need it, at a price that is affordable. Health insurance for students is typically less expensive than a traditional individual health care plan and is tailored to the needs of the typical college student. Student health coverage is also required for all commuter international students, student-athletes, and Nursing and Physical Therapy students. Marymount University allows F-1 International Visa students as well as Nursing and Physical Therapy program students to opt out of the University’s health insurance plan by showing proof of existing coverage and completing a waiver form.Student health coverage is generally considered to have the advantages of a large group plan without the usual high cost large group insurance requires. Student health insurance is a way to ensure you can get medical care when you need it, at a price that is affordable. Health coverage for students is typically less expensive than a traditional individual health care plan and is tailored to the needs of the typical college student. Student health coverage is also required for all commuter international students, student-athletes, and Nursing and Physical Therapy students.

Automotive Floor Mats, Car Covers

Why is it that the people in our world don’t have the basic decency to wipe their feet before entering my car? I am generally a nice person, and I believe in doing my bit to help others. Therefore when I see people waiting at bus stops I try and see if I’m going in the right direction, and if I can offer them a ride. Especially if the weather happens to be bad. Why then can they not return me the favor and wipe their feet so that my carpet doesn’t become soiled?But because I am such a nice person, this doesn’t deter me from doing my good deeds. In fact I have even gone out of my way to accommodate such people. I have bought myself automotive floor mats. You might think I’m nuts, but you know what, I stand to gain too. I no longer have to be so meticulous whilst driving. I know that at the end of the day, (or in between too) all I need to do is shake out these automotive floor mats, and, hey presto, my car is sparkling clean once more. I guess I’ve become a bit more sloppy but I’ve also become more of a relaxed driver. I drive with the underlying knowledge that come what may, my car will always remain clean at the end of the day.Now before you jump to conclusions, automotive floor mats isn’t just like that. There are countless different types, and styles with different properties. It very much depends on the state of your car. If your car is the type that occasionally collects the odd crumb, but you want it to remain looking good, there are some very classy looking carpet automotive floor mats available for you. There are also waterproof ones for the more wet passengers.The cut also varies. You can buy standard sized car mats that are cheaper, but may not fit your car so well, either over- or under-sized. Whereas custom automotive floor mats are made to measure for your car and therefore every necessary inch will be covered.It is something that you must consider before just going out and purchasing. automotive floor mats are not something to be sneezed at, and you want them to work well for you. You will want to asses you car’s dirt zone, your budget and your style before making the plunge. But trust me, you will not regret it.

Optimum Nutrition and Natural Health

There is no doubt that optimum nutrition is the best way to keep your body healthy and free from illnesses. But when I refer to optimum nutrition, what exactly am I talking about? Well, here’s a look at what constitutes optimum nutrition.To put it in simple terms, optimum nutrition refers to eating the right foods in the right combination (a balanced diet), and ensuring an adequate daily intake of water. A balanced diet includes various foods which are rich in several nutrients, and in combination with each other, provide you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs. These are:





Carbohydrates (starch)

Co-factors and digestive enzymes


Phyto-nutrients and

Good bacteria

Thus, as you can see, you need to eat a wide variety of animal and plant foods in order to ensure a daily intake of all the essential nutrients as mentioned above. And let’s face it; in today’s world where fast food reigns supreme, hardly anyone eats a proper balanced diet. Most people have poor nutritional habits, which is why their bodies are susceptible to more diseases. Thus, in order to ensure optimum nutrition and a fit body, nutritional support through good quality nutritional supplements becomes essential.”But why should I take nutritional supplements when I eat a perfectly balanced diet?”Well, even if you are one of those few people who has good nutritional habits and who consumes a perfectly balanced diet, you still need to take nutritional supplements. Why? Read on……The soil today is not as nutrient rich as it once was, due to which foods too are not as high in nutrients as they used to be. There is also an increased use of chemicals in the food industry, and modern cultivation and farming methods too do not do anything to maintain the quality of food. Due to all these reasons, food is depleted of most of its vital nutrients, which is why it is practically impossible to achieve optimum nutrition through food alone.Thus, the only way to ensure optimum nutrition is to eat foods in as close to their natural state as possible, avoid unhealthy methods of cooking such as frying, and use an appropriate regimen of nutritional supplements in your daily life. As various nutritional supplements too can have undesirable side effects if used improperly, it is essential to take nutritional supplements under the expert guidance of a natural health care doctor only.